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Watch, reflect, and proceed: Election Night with Congresswoman Carolyn Bourdeaux (GA-07)

Election Night.

Tuesday, May 24th (2022) is a key day in Georgia. After the early voting period concludes (May 2-20, 2022), all eyes are on the Tuesday prior to the holiday weekend (Memorial Day ).

At a venue within her district (Kettlerock Brewing in Peachtree Corners, GA), Congresswoman Carolyn Bourdeaux takes time to connect with her constituents. With a track record of coalition building (click HERE for our coverage of her press conference on May 23, 2022) and collaborative work within the district, she takes time to speak with her supporters and others at the intimate gathering.

During her remarks, she covers a wide range of topics including her platform, legislation initiated and passed, and her continued focus on her current term (click HERE to watch our playlist of coverage of her work). Given the news of the day of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School (which leaves nearly 20 students and 2 teachers dead - click HERE for updates) and the fact she and her husband have an elementary school aged son, at the conclusion of her press conference, she takes time to watch the election results with her family.

The energy and engagement of her campaign along with her time serving the 7th District is not only maintained by her staff, but supporters. One of her supporters and coalition builders, Michelle Kang (the Secretary General of the Atlanta Korean American Commission Against Asian Hate), sums up her body of work.

"She listens. She cares. She's inclusive and has a diverse team around her", she emphasizes.

Even with the pending results (the Associated Press is calling the district to Lucy McBath, who moved out and chooses not to run for re-election in the 6th Congressional District where she was the incumbent), Representative Bourdeaux's focus is to "finish the drill" with her current term. Her focus on areas of concern including (but not limited to) Head Start and mental health services (click HERE for our coverage), higher education (click HERE for our coverage), and green technology in transit (click HERE for our coverage), it's still about being committed and showing up for the residents of the district.

There's still a few more things to do.

Notes: All photos and video are recorded by Andrew Snorton.

The first video is the complete set of remarks by Representative Bourdeaux during her Election Day watch event. The second video is an early talk before her main remarks, and the final video is of her fielding our question.

The photos are snapshots of Congresswoman Bourdeaux and those in attendance for the intimate outing/event.


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