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Support for Georgia's 7th District via Rep Bourdeaux, Chairwoman Hendrickson, and local officials

Monday morning; it's usually associated with the start of the week (and at times, the week can be slow starting). However, January 31st (2022) is memorable given the forthcoming investment in Southern Gwinnett County.

During the press conference held by Congresswoman Carolyn Bourdeax (GA-7), the Centerville OneStop Shop (located at 3025 Bethany Church Road in Snellville, GA), the news of the day is one full of excitement, especially as it relates to investing in the community. Joined by Nicole Love Hendrickson (Gwinnett County Commission Chair), Jasper Watkins (Gwinnett County District 3 Commissioner), and Duane Tolson (Project Coordinator for the One Stop 4 Help Program), the focus is support of this community hub via the American Rescue Plan (click HERE to find out more about the plan).

The site (which includes the library and the senior center) is being expanded thanks to $25 million in funding from the plan. To enhance public health infrastructure in a county which is approaching a population of 1 million people, it allows for access to resources to help address key areas of need, especially in Southern Gwinnett County (view our video short where Congresswoman Bourdeaux fields our question):

With services including mental health, childcare, and other related health needs, it allows for strategic placement of these and related public needs. Both County Commission Chair Hendrickson and County Commissioner Watkins note the number one issue for residents in the southern part of the county is access; combined with extensive research, the expectation is to build the currently standing site (main library) out into a multi-story facility along with using the land behind it to provide for more space to house the Head Start center, office space, and the forthcoming connecting/covered access port between the Senior Center. Based on their in-development timeline, the goal is to have all completed this year (watch the full press conference below for details):

With the plan of reinvigorating the immediate area, expanding access to resources is the central theme behind the upcoming development. Efforts are aligned with simply improving the quality of life for those who work and reside in the district, with added emphasis on a part of the county where access can be enhanced and be more convenient.

With continued collaborative efforts between local, state, and national leadership, there's some constructive things taking place in Southern Gwinnett County.

Notes: All video and photography is recorded by Andrew Snorton.

The first video is the short of Congresswoman Bourdeaux fielding our question; the second is the complete press conference.

The first row of the photogrid features (from left to right) Congresswoman Bourdeaux, Gwinnett County Commission Chair Nicole Love Hendrickson, and Gwinnett County District 3 Commissioner Jasper Watkins; the second row includes Duane Tolson (Project Coordinator for the One Stop 4 Help Program), a smaller group photo (of Congresswoman Bourdeaux, County Commission Chair Hendrickson, and District 3 Commissioner Watkins), and a larger group photo.


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