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Strengthening green technology and transit: Rep Bourdeaux delivers nearly $500,000 in support

The May 3rd (2022) press conference taking place at the Curiosity Lab in Peachtree Corners, GA is the culmination of work which took place last August (click HERE for more information) when Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg makes a visit at the invitation of Representative Carolyn Bourdeaux (GA-07). In taking inventory of the creative work related to technology and transit among other related technology components.

As Peachtree Corners Mayor Mike Mason notes in his welcome, "She gets it; she supports it (the technology, research, and development taking place at the Curiosity Lab) and our efforts in these areas".

During her remarks, Representative Bourdeaux speaks to the work taking place via the Bipartisan Problem-Solvers Caucus (made up of 58 members of Congress, equally divided among the Democrats and Republicans) the results of their efforts through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. As part of this and related efforts, the following are a few examples of what is on the horizon for the district and the state:

  • $12 billion for the state's transportation systems and water/infrastructure projects.

  • Via the Infrastructure, Investment, and Jobs Act (IIJA - click HERE to find out more), $9 billion (over a 5-year period) is outlined for Federal Highway formula funding for bridges and related infrastructure (a nearly 30% increase from previous years).

  • $211 million over the next 5 years for reduction in transportation related emissions.

  • $1.5 million in formula funding (over the next 5 years) to improve public transit options. This is nearly a 40% increase in previous years.

  • $135 million over a 5 year period to expand the EV (electric vehicle) charging station network/infrastructure throughout the state.

In understanding how critical transportation is and how it impacts multiple segments of the community (from employment to climate), continued advocacy of community programs and related initiatives are a key part of Representative Bourdeaux's areas of focus. Improvement of the mobility hub via the efforts of the Curiosity Lab aligns with the larger need to innovate around transportation and doing so in ways which align with a more "green" and environmentally sound economy (refer to the video below):

Making these kinds of commitments to innovative work along these lines is more than just making Peachtree Corners a leader in the "Smart City" space, but it sets a constructive tone for the district, state, nation, and beyond. As City Manager Brian Johnson notes, this level of investment accentuates efforts grounded in improved mobility, sustainability, as well as supporting EV and autonomous vehicle usage.

In their post-press conference remarks, both Representative Bourdeaux and Mayor Mason reiterate these and related themes of constructive growth, investment, progress, and responding to needs within the city, district, and beyond.

Green technology and related investment in transit and infrastructure are not just for the future, but for today.

And today, the collaborative efforts of Representative Bourdeaux and the district result in continued growth within the district.

Notes: All photos and video recorded by Andrew Snorton.

Photo grid: The first row (left to right) shows the check presentation, a closeup of Mayor Mason and City Manager Johnson, and Representative Bourdeaux. The second row (left to right) is a blend of Representative Bourdeaux, Mayor Mason, City Manager Johnson, and those in attendance.

Video: The first video provides a highlight of the main press conference; subsequent videos are recaps with Representative Bourdeaux (our question concludes the Q/A with the press) and Mayor Mason (our question concludes the Q/A with the press).


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