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Georgia Gwinnett College receives $1.45 million in federal funding via the efforts of Rep. Bourdeaux

On Tuesday, April 19th (2022), something truly engaging and amazing takes place on the campus of Georgia Gwinnett College (GCC). Already recognized by US News and World Report as the most ethnically diverse campus in the Southeast for 7 consecutive years, supporting those efforts for student teaching, learning, research, and development is a must.

And it comes in the form of federal funding.

Via the community-focused funding efforts to the House Appropriations Committee as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2022, Congresswoman Carolynn Bourdeaux (GA-07) secures $1.45 million in federal funding to support STEM and related sciences, along with IT related programming. Specifically, $800,000 is allocated for the college's Health Sciences Living Learning Community and $650,000 for a Sciences and Information Technology Living Learning Community.

Through this effort, GCC plans to expand learning, research, and related opportunities for students. Ranging from faculty hiring, course redesign, expansion of housing stipends and scholarships, along with technology and equipment upgrades, this provides an added boost to a student population in which more than 2 of 5 students (approximately 45% of the student population) are first-generation college students.

GGC President Jann Joseph remarks, "These funds will be used to support our commitment and mission; we know STEM training and support are essential components". Making this level of investment in students and faculty provide the framework for development of quicker and critical thinking skills which in turn translate to improve problem-solving and solutions-based outcomes.

"This is important for Gwinnett, the community, and country", adds Congresswoman Bourdeaux in her remarks. With this effort, it strengthens the foundation for providing access to resources and more for those involved in STEM, better encompassing underserved and emerging communities.

There are some growth opportunities taking place at Georgia Gwinnett College.

With support via Congresswoman Bourdeaux's efforts (as all 10 of her community projects are approved) via the Colsolidated Appropriations Act, it reflects a commitment to those in her district and beyond.

Notes: All video and photography recorded by Andrew Snorton.

First photo grid (slideshow): The photos include Georgia Gwinnett College President Jann Joseph and Congresswoman Carolyn Bourdeaux (GA-07) with the $1.45 million check presentation, a snapshot of college officials in attendance, GGC President Joseph's opening remarks, Congresswoman Bourdeaux and college officials listening to President Joseph, and another snapshot of attendees.

First video: The video captures key remarks from GGC President Jann Joseph and Congresswoman Bourdeaux.

Second photo grid: The photos include Congresswoman Bourdeaux making her remarks, a snapshot of Congresswoman Bourdeaux and her staff/team along with GGC President Joseph, President Joseph speaking with attendees, and another photo with university officials.

Second video: The video is a recap of the day's events with Congresswoman Bourdeaux.


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