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At the end of April, it's about #WhatUDo (business mixer and networking series via Urban Design Outreach)

During the mid-winter and early spring, Urban Design Outreach is doing more than talking about getting businesses and communities connected with each other. Their well-conceived and executed #WhatUDo series is putting such thoughts and ideas into sincere and serious action.

Building off their events in February (click HERE for our article) and March (click HERE for our article), they return to Black Dot Cultural Center and Bookstore (6984 Main Street in Lithonia, GA) on April 23, 2024 (starting at 5:30pm). With a focus on connecting businesses and related entities in DeKalb County and the interlocking area, the focus is an accessible and straightforward approach:

  • Share what you do.

  • Tell what you need.

  • Community intervention (stepping in with their time, talent, and resources to build a network).

  • Support the host business/venue.

With a growing base of businesses and more, it's an organic and integral way of generating "win-wins" to help connect fellow businesses and the larger community with access to resources and services in need and demand.

Participants are encouraged to register on Eventbrite to be a part of the series (click HERE for details/register).

Providing a sense of #WhatUNeed and #WhatUDo is central to the efforts of Urban Design Outreach.

On April 23rd, it's an opportunity to get connected.


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