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The drive for 5: Just Pound Cakes & More celebrates their 5th anniversary of doing business as they look forward to more in 2024

This past Sunday (April 14, 2024) is more than just the last day of a good weekend weather-wise and otherwise.

During the afternoon at Lifestyle Smoothie (1175 Route 138 in Stockbridge), a celebration takes place. Under the creative leadership and energy of Ms. Raven Tucker (the owner), the 5th year celebration of Just Pound Cakes & More being in business is just that and more.

The intimate venue allows something for everyone. Ranging from the sounds of EJ Tha DJ providing the house music vibes to Rolling Video Games - South Atlanta providing the video game trailer for youth and young adults, a positive tone is set for all in attendance. For the 21 and older audience, Carriage De Licor Beverages provides specialty libations and more.

With a commitment to creative culinary excellence in the form of standard and custom desserts, it's truly about dedication to the craft and beyond (you may watch our full interview with Ms. Tucker here):

Along with testimonials from satisfied and repeat customers, there's a reason why Just Pound Cakes & More is in high demand (you may watch our interview with Dr. Deatrice "Dee" Haney here):

Having something for everyone is the name of the game at the celebration (you may watch a few snapshots below):

When the community comes together, good things can happen (you may watch our chat with Rolling Video Games [South Atlanta]) below):

In celebrating their "drive for 5", Just Pound Cakes & More has some good things in store for '24.

Notes: All video and photos are complied by CCSLLC (click HERE to visit our YouTube playlist for the event).


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