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Register. Meet. Greet. Inquire. Inspire. The Women of Clayton Clayton host voter registration, education, and day party events to get the community engaged


In case you did not know, this year is yet another pivotal election year. From the national level (the Presidency and Congress) to the local level, there's a number of moving parts which can impact immediate and future generations.

At times, the process can get a little overwhelming. However, on Saturday, April 13, 2024, residents of Clayton County (GA), from younger voters (18) to adults, can get some improved insight on a few of the particulars.

Women of Clayton County is hosting two events grounded in voter registration and education, along with a way to meet, greet, and speak with local candidates. The first part of the day takes place at Southlake Mall (1000 Southside Circle in Morrow, GA) with a voter registration drive (from 2-4pm). This allows those who are registered to vote to confirm their status and locations for voting, along with getting those who are eligible to vote to get registered so they may have an opportunity to partake of the voting process.

But it doesn't stop there.

The voter education piece takes place from 4-6pm day party style at 404 Sports Bar and Grill (at Southlake Mall/1000 Southside Circle in Morrow, GA) It provides an opportunity to meet and greet with candidates for local office (and possibly others) along with asking questions and learning more about their platforms and related campaigns. It's also an opportunity to network (or mix and mingle), engage with the community, and enjoy a festive setting (complete with a DJ, food/beverage specials, and door prizes), making it a fun way to spend the day and learn how to be more in-tune with the voting process.

This Saturday, thanks to Women of Clayton County, the community can come together. In doing so and learning more about the candidates as well as making sure they are registered to vote, it sets the stage and tone for building upon the process of making our communities growing spaces and places where we live, work, and play.

Stay tuned and get ready for the upcoming day(s).


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