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Do and share what "U" do: a collaborative community network event at Black Dot Cultural Center & Bookstore

Collaboration, not competition.

This adage is one a number of businesses and related entities incorporate as part of the way they conduct business. In doing so, they identify areas of overlap and support to where their audiences are more aware of services provided and potential support.

In this spirit, the community-focused Black Dot Cultural Center and Bookstore (6984 Main St in Lithonia, GA) is hosting an event to encourage segments of the business, nonprofit, and related community can come together, draw constructive connections, and lend support to, for, and with each other. On February 27, 2024 starting at 5:30pm, their venue is the host for UDO's (Urban Design Outreach) What Do U Do? The focus of the event is for business to come together to share what they do and what they need, and then allowing the community the opportunity to do so, providing a system of sharing, exchanging, and supporting each other.

Likewise, all in attendance have an opportunity to support the host venue in their business, cultural, and related efforts.

The event is free to attend; businesses and related entities are encouraged to register via Eventbrite for planning purposes (you may click HERE to visit the link and register).

With February in full swing, the upcoming event is not just a way for the community to come together, but given the nature of the month (Black History Month), it's a way to set a constructive tone for the community and beyond.


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