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A 20-year connection: the smooth jazz creativity of Dee Lucas and a way to amplify the music and more

Smooth jazz.

It's an evolving music genre consisting of elements of traditional jazz with creative interpretations. And when it comes to creativity, Atlanta-based artist and saxophonist extraordinaire Dee Lucas is among those who are at the forefront of the art form.

Currently on tour to celebrate his 20th years as a performing artist, Lucas, who has 10 recorded albums in his impressive catalogue, is drawing rave reviews within the Smooth Jazz space with his current single Tighten Up, let alone his highly anticipate album, Twenty (scheduled for a Fall 2024 release). During our interview, he shares his musical journey, including his debut in 2004.

A key point of emphasis is sharing the keys to his growth as an artist. In being balanced with a sense of passion and integrity, his main objective with any performance or production is to be honest with the music. With an obligation to connect with the audience, it's about finding something genuine as he shares his musically inclined gifts and talents (you may learn more by watching the video segment/short below):

A related point of emphasis is providing context to the art form of smooth jazz, including his interpretation of the genre (you may learn more by watching the video segment/short below):

In immersing himself in the music and the audience, Lucas is providing a tremendous engagement project to not only garner support, but to continue to evolve and expand his reach and that of the art form. With the current endeavor of his label fund, the campaign goals are to facilitate initiatives including expanded bookings, productions, media, photography, and interrelated essentials which provide an even stronger foundation and "launch point" for the present and future (you may watch the video segment to learn more and click HERE for more details):

Pursuing your passion and purpose are terms a number of people have heard before, but to see it in action in an entirely different story. And in Dee Lucas' story, while it's been in existence musically for 20 years, with the current campaign and related projects, it's just beginning.

And today, it's time to amplify the music.

Notes: You may visit the artist's website (click HERE) for all details on the campaign and related projects. On social media, you may connect with Dee Lucas on Facebook (click HERE), Instagram (click HERE), and YouTube (click HERE) for his music and related video; for the complete interview playlist (including the full interview), click HERE. likewise, you may stream and download his music on your favorite streaming platforms.


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