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Make a move in March and do what "u" do

Last month, thanks to Urban Design Outreach (click HERE to visit their website), they host a meeting of business and community minds based in DeKalb County (GA) and interlocking areas.

This Tuesday, March 26th (2024) at 5:30pm, they are making a move in March and returning their What Do U Do Series (click HERE for our article from February) to Black Dot Cultural Center. The event is free and open to the public, and area business and nonprofit entities are encouraged to register to be a part of the upcoming event (click HERE to register on Eventbrite).

With a format including an informal meet and greet and welcome from the host, businesses are able to pitch who they are, what they do, and set the tone and stage for forging relationships to generate collaborative efforts and more awareness for the services provided. Doing so generates "win-win" opportunities for all in attendance.

In brining together the community via network and collaborative efforts, businesses and related entities can set the stage for making positive and impactful moves for individual and collective growth.

And all can continue to do what "u" do.


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