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Swinging for success this Saturday: the Lawrenceville Youth Association's Home Run Derby Fundraiser

With spring in full swing, it means baseball season on multiple levels is up and running.

Ranging from Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, and just about any other level, the National Pastime is still a "bridge" for people to get connected with sports, but bringing multiple segments of the larger community together. And this coming Saturday (April 13, 2024 at 2pm), at Rhodes Jordan Park in Lawrenceville, GA, there's something special taking place where all can take a swing for success.

The Lawrenceville Youth Association Baseball Teams are hosting their Home Run Derby Fundraiser as they invite the community to join them as they swing for the fences. The purpose of the event is to raise funds to help repair their scoreboards and provide continued access for younger players and beyond, including their upcoming participation in the Jackie Robinson Tournament via Dick's Sporting Goods (click HERE for general information on the tournament).

With a fundraising goal of $3000, there are multiple levels where people can "step up to the plate" and lend support while taking their best swings. Likewise, there are general donation opportunities (per the flyer below).

Given their efforts of bridging the game and bringing the game to a wide array of fans, players, families, and the general community, this Saturday is more than taking a swing for the fences.

It's about swinging for success and setting the stage for something truly special and impactful.

Notes: Images are provided by the Lawrenceville Black Knights Youth Baseball Association (click HERE to visit their Facebook page).


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