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Bringing the thunder to the stage: the continued creative work of Tone Swing

Bringing it to the stage.

Ranging from acting (film and stage) to music (click HERE for our interview from October 2022), Tone Swing is a creative's creative. Over the last 7 years, his excelling work in the arts starts with music and as of nearly 3 years ago, the stage (both film and plays).

With his current release Thunderstage, he takes time to share his creative journey and excitement behind the new project and those on the horizon. While it's always been in him, he notes the importance of being intentional with his work. It truly is an evolutionary process which is inspired in part from a quote by contemporary artist Lil' Wayne.

"You always want to be the person who stands out", Swing notes (you may watch the full interview/video below):

In breathing new life into a music project completed about 5 years ago, Thunderstage is an advancement of sorts. Knowing while the previous project is good, he realizes he can do better, and in doing better, his track-list shows a clear growth and maturity, as being a "one-stop-shop", his stamp on the vocals, songwriting, mixing, production, and related elements truly take center stage.

A key part of his maturity as an artist is his ability to seamlessly take the skill sets learned on the acting side and especially in recent years, applying them to the music side. He notes, "Acting is a catalyst (for his flourishing work)".

With a soon to be announced release of performance dates along with film projects in the works (as is customary with creatives), Swing brings an unparalleled energy, excitement, expertise, and dedication to the craft.

Just as important are the life lessons learned and applied along the way which are applicable across arts and any field.

"Embrace your quirks and what makes you different. Embrace who you are", is a key takeaway he has for readers and his growing audience.

And that's bringing thunder to the stage.

Notes: You may visit his official site (click HERE) for related information on this and other projects. You may visit/subscribe to our YouTube channel (click HERE) to check out our special features playlist for these and other great interviews.


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