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Get in the swing of things: the growing arts and entertainment presence of Tone Swing

Get in the swing of things.

It's an adage that means to "get with it", or "be in the know". It's also a call to take note and pay attention to things taking place.

And when it comes to arts and entertainment, a name many need to take note of is the Atlanta-based artist Tone Swing.

We got acquainted with the actor last fall as he plays the lead in the stage play The Power of Forgiveness. Since then, he is building on his solid and growing work with multiple and stage projects that are in production, as well as a few on the horizon.

One would think with a growing stage and film resume, that is more than enough of an opportunity to showcase his commendable skills and talents; however, when it comes to creatives, there's usually something more.

And that something more is music.

With a sound that is a seamless blend of rock and other genres, his album (Unwrap; it's available on your favorite/major streaming platforms) is a 9-track production which is 3 years in the making. Honing his songwriting, production, mixing, and of course, his vocal dexterity, it is drawing rave review and in turn, expanding his compelling reach and presence from the aforementioned film and stage.

His upcoming performance on October 13th at ILounge (1287 Glenwood Ave SE in Atlanta/7pm start time) allows for music lovers and more to partake of an intimate setting and simply absorb the energy and captivating presence which is a trademark of his work (click HERE for tickets).

Actor. Film. Stage. Music.

It's a good idea to get in the swing of things.


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