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The youth shall lead them: community support efforts via the Senior Class (2021) of Leo High School

April 1st is typically associated with thoughts of the early spring, including rebirth, renewal, some good humor (after all, it's called April Fool's Day for a reason), and some warmer weather.

However, for residents in one of the neighborhoods on the South Side of Chicago, it's a day they won't soon forget. A fire at one of the residential areas left people homeless, including a significant number of women, children, and elderly.

Their way of life is clearly disrupted; that is not a joking matter.

However, the community is responding, and it starts with the Senior Class of Leo High School (Class of 2021).

From April 20th-28th, combined with others in the immediate and interlocking community, through their assistance drive, they are lending support to those in need due to the fire. Their focused efforts include the following (as it's a call/request for items to collect and donate):

  1. Personal care items (mostly female).

  2. Soap.

  3. Toothpaste and toothbrushes.

  4. Shampoo.

  5. Household goods.

  6. Blankets.

  7. Towels.

  8. Gift cards for department stores.

For those who would like to directly drop off items, you may do so by visiting Leo High School (7901 S Sangamon St in Chicago) or Scott Joplin Elementary School (7931 S Honore St in Chicago) between 8am-3pm Monday-Friday (to do so on the weekends, you may contact Mr. Rawls at 773-224-9600). Virtual donations may be made via Zelle (use the email, Venmo (use @rawlsLeoHS), and CashApp ($Rawls06), as you may refer to the actual event page on social media/Facebook for more information (click HERE for additional details).

Even in adverse times, there are those in the community who care, and the current endeavors show they aren't fooling.

The youth shall (and can) lead them...


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