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Saturdays with the Georgia Spartans: game day (March 27th) and something for the kids (April 3rd)

Saturdays are more than a time to relax and unwind. It's an opportunity to get out and about, and a good way to spend part of your weekend is catching the United Men's Basketball League (semi-pro basketball league based in Atlanta), specifically the 3-0 Georgia Spartans (click HERE to visit their website).

Their combination of high-level execution on offense and a solid defense are making them a formidable team early in the season. Coming off a 90-69 win on March 20th against the Atlanta Defenders (click HERE for our recap), they look to continue their winning ways against the Strong Rox Steppers on March 27th at 2:30pm.

The games are more than just the game. With an accessible ticket price (tickets start at $10 per person), there's food trucks to satisfy one's appetite, along with vendor opportunities for businesses of all sizes to promote and advertise their brands, aligning with the team's and league's larger focus (click HERE for more information). Add a DJ to the mix (and live performances) and you have a way to not only enjoy some great hoops, but a setting that is community-centered.

However, the team is more than just being about basketball. A hallmark of their 10 years of existence includes the community outreach they do, especially for young people. On April 3rd from 12-2pm at Exchange Park (2771 Columbia Drive in Decatur, GA), the team is participating in the 3rd annual Easter Egg and Scavenger Hunt (in tandem with Amerigroup Community Care and Radio One Atlanta). This is a free event, as the drive-through and search event is first-come/first-serve (contactless) is primarily for children (grades K-5). There are giveaways and photo opportunities with the Easter Bunny and other special guests for this community and family-themed event.

Good players. Greater people. The game of basketball and more, including time spent in the community.

It sounds pretty sensible to spend part of your Saturday with the Georgia Spartans.

Photo details:

  1. A reminder to catch the Georgia Spartans this Saturday, March 27th, at 2:30pm. Tickets start at $10 per person (photo used with the permission of the Georgia Spartans).

  2. The team is off to a 3-0 start. They look to keep the momentum going against their next opponent, the Strong Rox Steppers (photo via Andrew Snorton).

  3. High flying action is part of the Spartans' offensive attack (photo credit via Gaiter Sports).

  4. Catch some outstanding semi-pro basketball via the United Men's Basketball League this Saturday (photo used with the permission of the Georgia Spartans).

  5. The team's defense is a key reason for their 3-0 start. In their March 20th game, they limit the Atlanta Defenders to 69 points (photo via Andrew Snorton).

  6. Playing with and for each other, along with their larger focus is key to the team's success (photo via Andrew Snorton).

  7. The only thing missing from the action is you; get your tickets today (photo via Andrew Snorton)!

  8. April 3rd is a day for the community via the Easter Egg Hunt. It's first-come/first-serve and is free to attend (photo used with the permission of the Georgia Spartans).


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