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A winning combo: the Georgia Spartans (3-0) and the businesses who support the community

There's the game, and then there's the game beyond the game.

Each Saturday during the late winter and early spring, the United Men's Basketball League (#UMBLHoops) semi-pro basketball league provides some outstanding game play. One of the leading teams is the Georgia Spartans (click HERE to visit their website). In their 10th season, they enter today's (March 20, 2021) game against the Atlanta Defenders with a 2-0 overall record.

And then there's aspects beyond the game: the larger experience for fans and the larger audience.

With a sound variety of food trucks, business sponsors, and the soundtrack (in-game and during game breaks) for your Saturday afternoon, it sets the tone for a good outing for fans of the game, as well as families and the larger community to enjoy a sound environment and outing. With this combination of game-play and enrichment, it's a series that can be easily and readily on people's radar.

And now, onto the game.

Game recap: the Georgia Spartans defeat the Atlanta Defenders 90-69

After a slow start (the game is tied at 10 apiece early in the 1st quarter), the Georgia Spartans get in gear. In fact, a 13-3 run gives them a 23-13 lead going into the 2nd quarter. During the 2nd quarter, the team's balance of sound offensive and air-tight defense allows them to push their lead to as many as 15 points. As they go into the half, they have a 45-32 lead.

And based on their previous games, a letdown is something they clearly avoid.

Imposing their will on the Defenders, they expand their lead to a game-high 25 points and close out the quarter with a 71-53 lead. Playing with a clear sense of high execution, focus, and intensity, the Spartans do not allow the Defenders to get on any sort of run. As a result, they close out the game with a 21 point win (90-69) to improve to 3-0 overall.

Joseph Solomon (19 points) plays a key role in establishing and maintaining the offensive flow. Parysh Munroe (18 points) is among the other team leaders for their win and early season success.

The Georgia Spartans are back in action on March 27, 2021 as they put their undefeated record to another test against the StrongRox Steppers. Make plans to enjoy some great action on the hardwood as well as the businesses that support the team and the league.

Saturdays with the Spartans: a solid and winning move in more ways than one.

Notes: all photos and video captured by Andrew Snorton.

Photo grid 1/related video:

  1. All photos are of members of the Georgia Spartans getting physically and mentally prepared for their game.

  2. The videos are of food truck sponsors/supporters Sweet Lotus Beauty LLC, Soul Jamaica, and A Little Taste of Philly.

Photo grid 2/related video:

  1. Top row: the Spartans get ready for the opening tip (left) and inbound the ball for early 1st quarter action (right).

  2. First row from the top: after a slow start, the team gets things in gear (left) and during a timeout, they action plan to put the team in a position to make a move (right).

  3. First row from the bottom: the Spartans' defense holds the Atlanta Defenders to 69 points (left); team leader Parysh Munroe is among those who help the team stay focused.

  4. Bottom row: power forward Charles Mitchell throws one down with authority (left); the focus on team defense is integral to the team's undefeated start (3-0).

  5. The videos include the Spartans' perimeter game at work, an emphatic dunk by Charles Mitchell, post-game remarks (with Charles Mitchell along with Joseph Solomon. Likewise, business sponsor Ashley Triplett not only shares the services she provides, but her reasoning for her support of the team and its endeavors on and off the court.


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