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Mixing it up for Memorial Day Sunday: the Atlanta Industry Mixer via Taylor Frucel

Memorial Day Weekend is a big deal.

For those in Metro-Atlanta, it marks the end of the school year and for others, it signals the start of the late spring/early summer holiday season.

However, on Sunday, May 29th, from 1-10pm (EST), Taylor Frucel returns with another edition of her Atlanta Industry Mixer Series (at 4802 Fulton Industrial Blvd in Atlanta). Building off her previous editions (click HERE for our coverage of her August 2021 event), it's a way for those in arts and entertainment and other fields to meet, greet, network, and forge working relationships.

In our video chat, she covers a wide range of ground, including the all-important "why" in doing the event (refer to the video below):

It's more than just those in the music industry (from performing artists to industry executives) who are present and accounted for. Those in fashion, photography, and related fields, including small businesses and entrepreneurs are able to build relationships and connections. Combined with more than 20 media outlets covering the event, it's a way for all to interface with the press to share their narratives around the work they are doing, upcoming projects, and more.

"In the end, it's about bringing people together", Frucel emphasizes.

It is strongly encouraged those who have not registered in advance to do so on Eventbrite (simply type Atlanta Industry Mixer) and arrive when the doors open at 1pm to get slotted accordingly for your meet and greet times. There are also scheduled plug and play times for artists, so it's essential to have your music and related material prepared for ideal exposure.

Sunday's event is another example of how Taylor Frucel focuses on helping others across business, arts and entertainment, and related industries get connected. Be it in the fall (click HERE for her September 2021 Boss Business Expo event) or any time of the year, improving your network can help improve your net worth.

A great way to spend your Memorial Day Sunday is mixing it up via the Atlanta Industry Mixer.


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