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Benefits to bossing up: a look back at the Atlanta Boss Business Expo

This past Saturday, September 18th, the Atlanta Boss Biz Expo presented by Taylor Frucel takes place (click HERE for our preview).

Yes, it's about getting people together, but it runs a little deeper than the usual event or mixer. Complimented by multiple business vendors, attendees are afforded an intimate setting to network and connect.

With two solid and engaging panels of featuring men and women who are making their mark in business and entrepreneurship, it's part education, testimonials, motivation, and a sense for all speakers and beyond, there's more in them to reflect upon and eventually pursue their dreams and goals. Ranging from arts and entertainment, fashion, press and media, and inter-related outlets, to call it positive, empowering, and insightful is an understatement (click HERE to watch the playlist of interviews).

Building upon her previous events, Taylor Frucel is sincere when it comes to helping cast a wider net to have fellow entrepreneurs, creatives, and the greater community.

What's next?

Clearly, there are more events of this kind on the horizon. Even brighter than the events is the bright potential for greatness inside of all in attendance and those in spirit.

There's nothing wrong with being a boss and being about your business, so boss up to benefit yourself and the greater community who needs your presence as you pursue your positive and pre-ordained purpose.

Notes: With the exception of the promotional photos in the first album, all photos and video are captured by Andrew Snorton. Readers are encouraged to visit the link for the playlist for a look at the interviews (click HERE). For a complete list of speakers and related artists, you are encourage to read our preview article (click HERE) and follow up with the presenter, Taylor Frucel (click HERE to visit her website).


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