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Mixing it up in the industry creatively: the Industry Mixer series by Taylor Frucel

When you hear the term "industry", it means different things to different people.

For some, it can be mundane; for others, it can be intimidating. However, when you have someone who is a bridge-builder to better connect people across different fields, there are a number of constructive things that can happen.

On Saturday, August 7th (from 1-4pm EST), a number of people who are a part of arts and entertainment, music, fashion, culinary arts, modelling, photography, media, and more are able to get connected with each other. Thanks to the efforts of Taylor Frucel (click HERE for more information), the Industry Mixer is an afternoon affair which allows for all to constructively network and build connections within and across multiple fields.

Hosted by JazzyB4Real of JazzeEntertainment (click HERE for more details), multiple creatives converge at 4U Recording (located at 1376 Chattahoochee Ave NW in Atlanta). Accentuated by a fashion show featuring the designs of Frucel Fashions (click HERE for more details), along with the presence of the dancing sensation Amber & Mike ATL (click HERE to find out more), add to the positive engaging, and energetic atmosphere. Even creatives from Vidalia, GA make their way to this "must-attend" affair.

With plans on making this a recurring series, it's more than just the typical networking. It's truly about augmenting the work others are doing to allow for growth and casting a wider net within the industry.

A positive presence and purpose grounded in individual and collective growth.

It's a game-changer driven by the game-changer, Taylor Frucel.

Notes: all photos with the exception of the cover photo/main flyer (Taylor Frucel) and the photos with Taylor Frucel along with Amber and Mike ATL (taken by 24 Megapixels - click HERE for more details) are taken by Andrew Snorton. All video recorded by Andrew Snorton.


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