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Keep it dope: driven on positive energy

When it comes to working collaboratively, few do it as effectively as the tandem of DJ Agony and Nelle Da Truth.

The Metro-Atlanta based duo have their individual bodies of work across arts and entertainment that is more than solid, including DJ Agony named as the top DJ by Atlanta Hottest (Awards) the past 2 years. Combined with the plus-size modelling prowess of Nelle Da Truth and you have a good set of individual talent and ability. However, their work via Dope Enterprises takes their individual work to a higher level.

Event hosting is part of what they do. Their podcast series (each Friday at 8pm EST) connects their audience with people in arts and entertainment, business, fashion, community outreach, and more. Their balance of having fun with a sense of presence and perspective make them a truly effective team.

Be it San Francisco Surf and Turf (located in Conyers, GA) on Fridays, private events, and others in the metro area, it's a collective that can do it all.

Make sure to connect with them and keep it dope (connect with them on Instagram by clicking HERE).

Driven on Positive Energy.


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