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In the (Book) house this Saturday: Author Andrew Snorton hosts author's talk featuring "nothing Minor" at The Bookhouse in Reynolda Village to talk baseball and more

As the first month of 2024 gets in full swing, so too does the author as it's time to hit the road.

This Saturday, January 27th (from 11:30am-1:30pm), is the first book signing of the year. Taking place at The Bookhouse: Winston-Salem (120 Reynolda Village), the intimate and enriching space is the setting for the upcoming author's talk (you may click on the image for the January 3, 2024 interview on WXII-12's The Local Vibe as well as clicking HERE).

With time to meet, greet, and grab a light bite or beverage (there are options for those who are 21 and older, including mimosas) along with a welcome from the owner, the talk is moderated by Reasha of My Rainbow Is Here.

From there, the focus of the talk is the featured work, nothing Minor, which is the author's intimate look at covering minor league baseball across the Southeast. Complete with game recaps and player interviews (as a number of the players are either currently on Major League Baseball rosters or have seen time at the big league), there's tremendous insight and game/life lessons. Including commentary from a number of African-American players (who comprise less than 10% of all Major League players), there are special sections, including a look at the Birmingham, AL based Negro Southern League Museum, incorporate elements of history and another tier of engagement for fans of all levels.

At the conclusion of the author's talk (which includes q/a with those in attendance and more), there are opportunities for purchase and signing of the featured book.

With baseball season right around the corner (college baseball starting in February and regular-season play for the Major and Minor leagues in late March/early April), this Saturday's talk allows fans of the game and readers alike to enjoy a good conversation and more.

Get in the game and be in The (book) house this Saturday.

Notes: Thank you to WXII-12's The Local Vibe for the interview, along with images via The Bookhouse (3rd/last/concluding image in the article). To learn more about the author (including his newsletter, social media, events, and more), click HERE.


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