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Getting ready for a great 2023-24 season: media day with the Atlanta Gladiators

October 13, 2023 isn't just another day, and not because of the infamous "Friday the 13th" moniker.

It's a week before the start of the 2023-24 East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) season, and for the Atlanta Gladiators, there's a definitely buzz and energy in the air. Given an active off-season (click HERE for our coverage this summer), the team is doing more than giving the usual line of "focused on having a great season and competing for a championship".

Their actions are setting the stage for what could be a tremendous season.

New head coach and Gladiator favorite Derek Nesbitt (along with former Gladiator (and top assistant) Eric Neiley), along with the team front office and related personnel, are setting a tone and providing a breath of fresh air leading up to the season opener on October 20, 2023 at the Gas South District against the Savannah Ghost Pirates. After an extensive practice complete with skill and conditioning work, the head coach takes time to provide an assessment of the team progress during training camp leading up to next Friday's game (you may watch the interview in full below):

Gladiators' forward Alex Whelan takes time to share his thoughts on today's practice, as well as training camp overall. As one of only 6 players from last year's roster (2022-23) currently on this year's roster, his leadership, blending with an infusion of youth and speed, are looking to building a contender for the ECHL's Kelly Cup and finishing the season as the league's champions (you may watch the full interview below):

Mitchell Fossier (forward) is a newcomer to the team (acquired in a trade this summer), but is not a newcomer to the area. The Alpharetta, GA native shares his thoughts on playing at home and seeing the team forge its identity early in the season (you may watch the full interview below):

Another newcomer to the Gladiators' roster is forward Jackson Pierson. His energy is not only apparent in his take on training camp, but his readiness to connect and engage with the fans and the larger hockey community in Gwinnett and Metro Atlanta (you may watch the full interview below):

The term "new look" is often used whenever there are changes in the roster, front office, and related personnel. However, given the team's establishment in the area back in 2003, their style of play, including runs to the Kelly Cup, are synonymous with focus, energy, and connecting with fans near and far.

Next Friday is the start of the season and a new era for the Atlanta Gladiators. After all, greatness resides in Gwinnett, including the team's home ice at the Gas South District.

Get ready.

Notes: All photos and video recorded by Andrew Snorton/CCSLLC (click HERE to visit our website). To view the 2023-24 season playlist of our coverage of the team, you may subscribe (and click HERE) for more information.


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