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Appreciation: the Georgia Spartans are commended for their community outreach

Last Saturday, the Georgia Spartans earned a win on the court in their exhibition game (click HERE for the recap).

As big as a win it is as they prepare for the start of the regular season (on March 27th), the Atlanta-based semi-professional team earns a bigger win off the court.

Community is a key part of what the team is about. On March 19th, at an event hosted by Admiration Lodge 25 AF and AM (based in Decatur, GA), the team is one of the organizations recognized for their community outreach and service.

DeKalb County Commissioner Larry Johnson provides the team and its owner, Jerrell Shearin, a proclamation for the community-centered work which is a key component of their winning nature. As an added bonus, the team gives awards to two of their sponsors, the Admiration Lodge 25 and the Atlanta Fibroid Center.

Given their support of the team's events during the holidays as well as the regular season, it's bigger than having a winning team on the court. Giving back and being a part of the community is central to how the team operates.

It's about creating wins for the community, whether during the spring (click HERE to learn more), summer (click HERE to learn more), or any time of the year, the Georgia Spartans are here.

While games may be played during the season, giving back and being a part of the community is always in season for the Georgia Spartans.

Notes: Photos are via the Georgia Spartans. For tickets for their March 27th game, click HERE.


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