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Saturdays with the Georgia Spartans: out in the community on April 3rd

Saturdays with the Georgia Spartans, the Atlanta based semi-pro basketball team (via the United Men's Basketball League) is already a winning proposition. With a 4-0 record, their play on the court is a blend of a fluid offense, a focused defense, and outstanding team chemistry.

While this Saturday is a bye-weekend (as games won't be played), it doesn't mean the team isn't putting in work. They are doing so in the community in the form of reaching back to the community to support two family-themed events.

On April 3rd from 12-2pm at Exchange Park (2771 Columbia Drive in Decatur, GA) and from 12-2pm in Riverdale, GA (at 7210 Church Street for the Annual Easter Egg Extravaganza), team members are scheduled to make appearances for the afternoon affairs that clearly are for the kids and more. Utilizing drive-through and other practices for the traditional hunt for eggs, there are photo opportunities with the Easter Bunny and more for families to enjoy (both events are free and open to the public).

As an added feature, the team is conducting giveaways at both locations. The Riverdale location includes season pass giveaways for the outstanding semi-pro league play that is synonymous with the team and the UMBL. For the Decatur location, there is a ticket giveaway (up to 125 tickets) and a drawing for a television.

Making winning moves on the court is a hallmark of the Spartans' 2021 season (as they'll put their unbeaten streak to the test on April 10th at 4pm at the Atlanta Jewish Academy [5200 Northland Drive in Atlanta] against the 4-0 Atlanta Legends). Likewise, making winning moves in the community is even more reflective of the winning attitude when it comes to the community.

It's another reason to spend a part of your Saturday with the Georgia Spartans.

Photo grid details:

  1. Join the team in Decatur; the event is free and includes giveaways of 125 tickets and a drawing for a television (used with the permission of the Georgia Spartans).

  2. Team members will appear at the Annual Easter Extravaganza. The event is free and the team is including giveways for season passes (photo credit to StreetzATL 94.5 FM).

  3. The team is off to a 4-0 start in the UMBL. Their next game is April 10th as they'll look to extending their season-opening winning streak to 5 (used with the permission of the Georgia Spartans).

  4. The Atlanta Legends (4-0) are the next opponent for the 4-0 Georgia Spartans; make plans to catch this battle of the unbeatens (as tickets start at $10 per person) in semi-pro basketball action.


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