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Preparing for the 2022 season: the GA Spartans pull away from the W GA Royals 94-71

Practice makes perfect. How you practice and prepare is how you'll play.

These are adages any athlete (or player) has heard from a coach when it comes to fine-tuning for the regular season and actual games. In this case, the March 12th (2022) exhibition game between the Georgia Spartans and the West Georgia Royals (at Exchange Park located at 2771 Columbia Drive in Decatur, GA) gives both an indication of where they are as they get ready for their respective regular seasons.

The 2021 season sees the Metro-Atlanta semiprofessional team (Georgia Spartans - click HERE to visit their website) fall just short of winning the UMBL title (9 wins in 11 games, with 2 losses by a combined 7 points, including the league championship game). As they enter 2022, they bring back their veteran core, but they add to the mix.

After an evenly played first quarter (which sees the Spartans hold an 18-17 lead), the second quarter is when the team hits its stride. With a combination of solid defense and pressuring the Royals, they take control in the quarter by outscoring West Georgia by a 25-14 margin (giving them a 43-31 halftime lead).

While the Royals keep battling to scrap their way back into the game in the second half, the Georgia Spartans maintain control of the game. Given their height advantage, their interior play sets the tone for their perimeter offense. The lead would expand to more than 20 points in the 4th quarter, and while the Royals would make a run to cut the deficit to a 14 point margin (in the 4th quarter), the Spartans respond with their pressure defense. This in turn serves as a catalyst for their transition game as they close out with a 23 point win (94-71).

Player of the game LJ Williams (20 points and 5 rebounds) speaks to the team effort and their continued focus to get off to a good start to the regular season (view the video below):

With March 27th (2022) on the horizon, the Georgia Spartans (click HERE to visit their Instagram) are making steady individual and team progress towards their season opener.

Practice (and exhibition games such as today) is getting them prepared for the regular season.

Get ready.

Notes: All video and photos recorded by Andrew Snorton.

Photo grid:

  1. Top row (left to right): The promotional art for today's game between the Georgia Spartans and West Georgia Royals, along with a snapshot of the teams at the free throw line.

  2. First row from the top (left to right): Snapshots of the benches for the West Georgia Royals and Georgia Spartans.

  3. Third row (left to right): Parysh Munroe (Georgia Spartans - in white) set the tone for the team's interior play; the Atlanta Fibroid Center is one of the sponsors for the team (to become a team sponsor, click HERE to visit their website).

  4. First row from the bottom (left to right): The Georgia Spartans welcome businesses to support and share their products/services with those attending the games. Visit their website (click HERE) to learn more.

  5. Bottom row (left to right): The Georgia Spartans' solid defense and transition offense lend favorably to their 94-71 win. Mark your calendars for March 27th for their regular season opener.

Video information:

  1. The first video provides some highlights of the first half (as the Spartans have a 43-31 lead at the half).

  2. The second video provides some highlights of the second half, as the Spartans take control and pull away from the West Georgia Royals with a 23 point win (94-71).

  3. Player of the game LJ Williams joins us for our game recap. To view all videos for the 2022 playlist, click HERE.


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