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A place for pedestrians: Rep Hank Johnson secures funding for safety action plans

On October 30, 2023, the office of Congressman Hank Johnson (GA-04) announces the securing of $1.6 million in Federal Grants for approved municipalities in the district. The focus is to provide funding for the creation and implementation of Comprehensive Safety Action Plans to help pedestrians navigate our roadways in a safer and more efficient manner.

With a documented increase in pedestrian deaths in the state of Georgia (click HERE to find out more), there's a need to help reduce the potential of such situations occurring. Given the emphasis on transportation at faster speeds along with other areas (i.e. larger vehicles and a lack of lighting and sidewalk access), there are more variables to consider, especially when it comes to pedestrian safety.

In part of his official statement, Congressman Johnson notes, "These grants will go a long way in helping to prevent motorist and pedestrian fatalities, which by the way disproportionately affect lower income and minority communities".

Thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (click HERE to learn more) which establishes the Safe Streets and Roads for All discretionary program (click HERE to learn more), $5 billion is appropriated (from 2022-26) to fund regional, local, and tribal initiatives via grants aligned with helping prevent and limit roadway deaths and related injuries.

The cities of Clarkston, GA ($1 million) and Chamblee, GA ($240,000), along with Newton County ($400,000), are the grant recipients.

Notes: We thank the press/media team for the office of Congressman Hank Johnson for their dissemination of the information. The photo is via CCS/LLC (click HERE for our website) from a previous event.


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