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Get in the game: nothing Minor (the hardcover and e-book)

In the summer of 2019, I had the pleasure of traveling to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia (which is fairly accessible since that's where I'm based), Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. The reasons for my travels are part rest and relaxation, part book signings (including the Mississippi Book Festival), and working ahead on a few items.

And then there's nothing Minor.

After covering some great games, teams, and players on the A, AA, and AAA level, last year's work evolves into this Monday's (July 27th) release. Already available for pre-order (click HERE to order your copy) with the e-book availability forthcoming (click HERE for e-book info), the book provides a good look at minor league baseball. From future stars and prospects to veterans working their way back to the major leagues, it's an intimate look at the grand old game as on the minor league (for most players), this is where their big league journey truly starts.

With contributions from EmoryRose Photography, there's additional photography to add to the game-action. Building off the interviews with players pre-and-post-game (including a few who are on big league rosters), it provides an intimate and accessible look at different aspects of the larger game.

And there's more.

There's a fan-friendly and reflective look at the Negro Southern Leagues Museum (Birmingham, AL). It is within walking distance of Regions Field (the home of the Birmingham Barons, the AA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox) and provides a rich history of the league, players who played in the major leagues, and more (mark it as a place to visit once it reopens given COVID-19). Combined with insight from one of the umpire supervisors along with info from the teams covered, it allows for fans of the game and beyond to mark their calendars for spaces and places to connect with once the pandemic subsides and the games resume (as there is not any minor league baseball taking place in 2020).

The players, the action, along with added insight allows for an engaging experience. It's time to get in the game.

And that is nothing Minor.

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