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Sunday and Monday messages to and from our youth

Recent days are showing a renewed spirit of engagement and investment.

Ranging from community and social issues to voter registration (along with education and going to the polls), there is a growing recognition of new efforts as well as supporting previous ones when it comes to the greater good. And a proactive part of the process is the work of and with young people.

On Sunday, June 7th, and Monday, June 8th, two youth and young-adult efforts are taking place.

The Decatur Peaceful Protest (June 7th at 1pm EST) takes place at the Decatur City Square (101 E Court Sq in Decatur, GA). With a focused discussion on white supremacy and affirming Black Lives, it is a call to young organizers across Metro-Atlanta to come together. In sharing and exchanging the work they are doing, along with identification of available and needed resources, the focus is on being constructive change agents in their community and the larger society; with a scheduled appearance by Taniyah Pilgrim and Messiah Young (the respective Spelman and Morehouse students who are confronted and victimized by the Atlanta Police Department), it provides continued energy for engagement in critical issues.

Beacon Hill Black Alliance for Human Rights is the sponsoring organization, and the We Love Y'all Too Much Movement is supporting the event; all are encouraged to wear masks (due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

Continued efforts via the Black Man Lab take place on June 8th (6:30-7:45pm EST) with their interactive program on their YouTube channel and Facebook Live (Black Men Discuss the Uprising and Youth Organizing). The 8th session in their series takes a look at the need for investment in youth; combined with their overlapping efforts from mentoring, community organizing, and strategic planning, this provides a sound resource for fellow community organizations and more.

While some things may be uncertain, one thing is made clear by these (and other) efforts. Heeding the call for service and outreach is never out of style, and with recent events, it's an ever greater need.

An invitation is provided to the community to connect, engage, and be as constructive as possible. Tomorrow and Monday are opportunities to do so.

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