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Work and progress with Rep Johnson, Rockdale Workforce Development, and Conyers/Rockdale County

On Thursday, February 23, 2023, Representative Hank Johnson (GA-04) takes time to not only connect with the Conyers/Rockdale County Community. On the heels of infrastructure investment in the district (click HERE for our article), the forthcoming collaborative investment provides an added "push" to help address needs of the city and county.

Joined by Rockdale County Commission Chair Oz Nesbitt, Rockdale County Commissioner Sherri Washington, Conyers Mayor Vince Evans, and Kevin Hanna, the President/CEO of the Conyers Rockdale Economic Development Council (CREDC), the press conference is truly a constructive game changer. Thanks to the team-building efforts of the aforementioned, $300,000 in federal funding via the 2023 Community Project Funding (CPF) appropriations is secured.

After opening remarks by Mayor Evans and Commissioner Washington (her efforts are key in the larger process), Representative Johnson provides timely insight on the importance and relevance of the funding as it aligns with a common goal of providing access to resources regarding job training and how enhancing critical skill sets provides positive impact on the immediate and larger economy. In providing improved engagement with an overlooked demographic (the 2nd chance community), a key potential effect is generating a larger pool of an educated workforce to address employment needs in the city and county.

President/CEO Hanna echoes these sentiments, including the additional investment by local government to match the government funding (with an additional $300,000 investment). With a total of $600,000 available, it reiterates the notion that workforce development is integral in developing and retaining qualified people.

Chairman Nesbitt speaks to the larger collaboration between multiple entities, including commending Commissioner Washington's efforts in getting things moving in a positive direction for the greater good. He notes how this is a "pivot" towards progress for the city and community and goes "hand in hand" with inter-related areas of public safety and education.

Likewise, in fielding our questions and post-press conference remarks, there are tremendous takeaways in noting how this can go a long way for investing in the needs of the city and county, along with ongoing collaborative efforts with multiple segments of the public sector.

It's more than just a work in progress; it's work in progress.

Notes: All photos and video are recorded by Andrew Snorton.

Photo grid: The top row (left to right) includes a blend of the panel along with local officials in attendance along with a snapshot of Congressman Johnson and Commissioner Washington. The first row from top features Mayor Evans and Commissioner Washington. The first row from the bottom includes Congressman Johnson and President/CEO Hanna, and the bottom row features Commission Chair Nesbitt and Congressman Johnson.

Video grid: The first two videos include Commissioner Washington and Representative Johnson; the middle (two) videos include President/CEO Hanna and Commission Chair Nesbitt, and the final videos are of the press conference q/a and post-conference remarks by Congressman Johnson.


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