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The Truth with Mark Naughton: finding and being found by the truth

Just tell the truth.

If you hear this as a youth, it nearly automatically means you'll get in trouble! However, later in life, there's an adage that balances this fear as follows: the truth will set you free.

In journalism, the goal is to get to the heart of the matter (the truth). At times, given you are dealing with people, this may not always happen. However, there are those who make an honest and consistent effort to get at the truth and the conversations needed around them.

This is what The Truth with Mark Naughton (click HERE to add them on Instagram) is all about.

Launched in 2020, it's simply about not only finding the story, but having the story find you. When this happens, the experiences range from challenging and gut-wrenching, to a cathartic/positive release, and yes, even a little humor. With a solid production and marketing team working with him, Naughton's focus is quite simple (click HERE to add them on Twitter).

People want to be heard, not told!

With a growing range of projects across government and politics, social issues, arts and entertainment, and more, there's some big things in store for the show. What are they?

You'll simply have to stay connected with them to find out.

And that's the truth.


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