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The start of something beneficial in the "Burg: Art-ober (and more)

It's said the most difficult aspect of any endeavor is getting started. Likewise, when you actually get up and running, everyone does not always initially see what you see. However, in showing dedication to your craft, learning, adjusting, and building as you climb, the growth and potential impact can exponentially flourish.

This is exactly what takes place this past weekend (October 8-10, 2021) in Petersburg, VA. A mere 20 or so miles away from the state capitol (Richmond, VA), the norm is to travel to partake of events focusing on business, the arts, and other experiences.

Thanks to the innovative work of Jazze Entertainment (click HERE to visit their website), there's a "new creative sheriff in town", and they are making steady strides in providing an amazing social meeting space for artists, authors, as well as creatives across fashion, music, and more to come together for great events and more.

The inaugural weekend series features a fashion show/mixer (October 8th), a business mixer (October 9th), a Sip and Smoke (October 9th, with outdoor areas for cigars and more), and a close out light brunch for Sunday (October 10th). Featured patrons include the creative spirt of custom fedora designer (for men and women) 1820hats (click HERE to visit their website), 2021 Author of the Year nominee via the Black Only Awards, Author Andrew Snorton (click HERE to visit his website/media), and others from the immediate area, and Revanche Cognac (click HERE to visit their website) serves as a sponsor.

Even a special guest from Washington, DC, author and poet Jeffrey Banks (a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc and creative presence behind Black Greek Poets), takes time to lend support (click HERE to learn more).

Where do things go from here? Clearly, moving on up and in a forward-thinking direction.

With plans to make the series a recurring event, along with other programs focusing on being a social hub, the focus is to be a positive-game changer. Being a welcoming space for authors, poets, musicians, businesses, and more, the small-city of Petersburg, VA can grow into a key access area for the aforementioned and more.

There's something positive percolating in the 'Berg.

And it gets started around "Art-Ober".


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