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The Georgia Spartans survive a scare from the Scorpions (82-79) to remain unbeaten (7-0)

The United Men's Basketball League (#UMBLHoops) is home to some great semi-professional basketball action. At 6-0 entering today's game, the Georgia Spartans are leading the pack as the league's only unbeaten team.

Entering their tilt with the Scorpions, it seems as long at the team adheres to its winning formula of a sound offense and a hard-nosed defense, they should be in position for another win. In the first quarter, the team's flow is extremely fluid. With a blend of solid half-court and fast-break play on offense, they have a 34-22 lead to close out the quarter. Going into the 2nd quarter, it's more of the same as the team builds their biggest lead of the game, a 16 point margin going into the half (56-40).

It would seem that even though basketball is a game of runs, the Spartans are in complete control.

And then the 3rd quarter ensues.

A combination of the team not being fully in rhythm and the Scorpions settling in given a 22-11 3rd quarter advantage, the Spartans' lead gradually shrinks. A 22-11 advantage cuts the lead to single digits (67-62).

Going into the 4th quarter, the Scorpions' confidence keeps them in the game. They would get as close as 1 point, but could never get that breakthrough to take the lead. The Spartans would make enough key plays down the stretch, including 2 pivotal free throws with 5.6 seconds left. A 35-foot shot attempt in the closing seconds falls short; despite the challenges of the 2nd half (having their 16 point lead reduced to 1 point), they hang on for a 3 point win (82-79).

Joseph Solomon (22 points) and Parysh Munroe (14 points) are among the team leaders who will the team to victory.

While the Scorpions have some "sting" in them, the Spartans' experience, including this season, allows them to survive a scare. They'll look to building on their winning ways next Saturday (May 1st - time and location to be announced).

As they survive, they position themselves to succeed.

Notes: All video and photos by Andrew Snorton (the Georgia Spartans promotional photo for the game is used with their permission).

Video info:

  1. Video (pre-game interview) with Sean Moseley of the Georgia Spartans.

  2. Video (1st half) highlights as the Georgia Spartans build a 56-40 halftime lead.

  3. Video (2nd half) highlights as the Georgia Spartans hold off the Scorpions (82-79 win).

  4. Video (post-game) interview with Parysh Munroe as the Georgia Spartans improve to 7-0.

Photo grid:

  1. Top row (left-right): The Georgia Spartans' fast start helps them build a game-high 16 point lead in the first half; the cover art is a reminder to spend part of your Saturdays with the Georgia Spartans.

  2. Second row from the top (left-right): An elevated view of the Spartans at the free throw line during the first half.

  3. Middle row (left-right): Halftime performances, a DJ, and an energetic MC help keep the audience in the game and beyond.

  4. Next to the bottom row (left-right): The Spartans get ready for the game; the Scorpions competed well in the 2nd half, reducing their 16 point deficit to 1 point inside the last 3 minutes of the game.

  5. Bottom row (left-right): The Georgia Spartans close out the game at the free throw line (nailing both shots) to win 82-79; the scoreboard tells the story of a great effort by the Scorpions, but a slightly greater response by the Georgia Spartans to get the win.


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