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Survive. Succeed. Steward. The story of Sarah J. Collins

A number of people are familiar with September 15, 1963.

This is a day of infamy in Birmingham, AL as the 16th Street Baptist Church is the target of white supremacists. On what could have been a regular Sunday morning for the congregation and community to come to gather for worship, it is clearly something far from it.

Twenty-two people are injured, but many remember the 4 Little Girls who are killed that day; Addie Mae Collins (14 years old), Cynthia Wesley (14 years old), Carole Robertson (14 years old), and Carol Denise McNair (11 years old) are those who perish, but whose names we readily remember.

And then there's Sarah J. Collins.

She is among the group who survives the bombing. Noted as the 5th Little Girl, her survival is a story in and of itself. Even more compelling is her readiness to use her platform to recall, remember, and ask the age-old questions of "where do we go from here" and "what can we do"?

On Sunday, February 19, 2023, all are invited to be a part of the story as she is the special guest/speaker at Poplar Hill Baptist Church at 10am (234 E Shadburn Ave in Buford, GA). It's an opportunity to listen, learn, bear witness, and remember a challenging historical time while challenge all to make a better present, future, and improved history for others. During Black History Month or any month, teaching and learning are attributes which are ever-relevant.

It's an opportunity to engage and be engaging for and with the greater good.

Partake of a story of survival, success, and stewardship on Sunday (February 19th).


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