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Shooting for 6-0: the Georgia Spartans prepare for April 17th against the Black Ice Warriors

Coming off a hard fought 112-105 victory (click HERE for the recap) over the Atlanta Legends (4-1), the Georgia Spartans (click HERE to visit their website) continue to make their mark in the United Men's Basketball League (semi-professional basketball). With a blend of an explosive offense and timely defense, the team remains the league's only undefeated team (5-0).

On Saturday, April 17th, at 1pm (5200 Headland Drive in Atlanta, GA), they are in for another test on the court against the Black Ice Warriors.

Combined with sound team chemistry, the Georgia Spartans are able to navigate through highly competitive play from the entire league. In building on their weekly success, they look forward to maintaining the focused and positive momentum exhibited throughout the season.

Fans of the game are bound to enjoy the high-energy and level play. Tickets for Saturday's game start at $10 per person; children 12 and under are free, making it an accessible family and community affair and a good way to spend part of your day/weekend.

Saturdays with the Georgia Spartans are a winning combination given the team's overall record; here's an opportunity to be a part of the game action and more.

Notes: the cover photo is used with the permission of the Georgia Spartans. The photo grid photos are taken/captured by Andrew Snorton.

Photo grid key:

  1. (Top left) The Georgia Spartans huddle up on offense during their game on April 10, 2021.

  2. (Top center) Timely defense is part of what maintains the team's winning ways, including their 112-105 win against the previously unbeaten Atlanta Legends (who are now 4-1).

  3. (Top right) At the line and ready to go.

  4. (Bottom left) Solid team chemistry keeps the team together.

  5. (Bottom center) At 5-0, solid play at both ends of the court is key to the team's success.

  6. (Bottom right) The Georgia Spartans bring a 5-0 record into their next game on April 17, 2021 at 1pm against the Black Ice Warriors. Tickets start at $10 (and youth 12 and under are free).


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