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It costs nothing to be nice; a nice community giveback by Black Men Reign on November 12th

It costs nothing to be nice.

It costs nothing to give back.

Thanks to the leadership of Sabrina Gields, this is an underlying principle behind the work of Black Men Reign (click HERE to visit their website). The nonprofit's origins are initiated with Ms. Gields' experience of not only raising two sons, but seeing a number of the society hurdles Black men have to hurdle on a regular basis.

"I have a passion for working with and empowering black men", she notes.

With a core audience of programming for men ages 15-65, the message is clear; it's about reminding them of their importance within family, community, and society. As part of their work, the nonprofit conducts multiple food drives/feeding in the city of Atlanta and the interlocking area; likewise, given their Father's Day event (click HERE for a point of reference), it's also providing means of celebrating the impact of Black men across multiple walks of life.

On Saturday, November 12th, from 11am-3pm, the community is invited to attend their Friendsgiving event. It takes place at Discovery High School (1335 Old Norcross Road in Lawrenceville, GA) and is being held in collaboration with fellow nonprofit Lettum Eat (click HERE to visit their website). The focus is to provide as many free meals as possible; with sponsorship with Pepsi (water products) along with a full creative culinary creation (and healthy meal) by their nonprofit leader Chef Hank Johnson, it's simply about giving back to those in need.

"Anyone can get a plate", Gields emphasizes.

There are ways the community can lend support; anyone who can connect them with a grocery store (for supplemental items), as well as those who may want to give a financial donation (via their CashApp at $BlackMenReign) may do so.

It's about giving from the heart.

It's about reminding people their place in community and society is important and respected.

It's about "coming home".

When commitment and collaboration come together, it's ultimately about building a better community.


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