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It's "reigning" as Black Men Reign celebrates the impact of Black Men across multiple fields

June 19, 2022 is an important day.

It's Father Day as well as part of the Juneteenth holiday weekend. However, at 6pm at the Gas South District's Willow Ballroom (in Duluth, GA), something truly special is taking place.

It's a black tie affair, Atlanta style. And it's about celebrating the impact of Black men across arts and entertainment, business, the community, and more.

In the spirit of the recent Black Girls Rock celebration, Eucharist Entertainment presents the inaugural Black Men Reign Award Show. There are 24 award honorees including (but not limited to) Usher, Les Brown, Domonique Mitchell, and other men making a definitive impact in their fields and beyond.

"It's about celebrating Black Men", notes Donna Elaine of DE Music Management during our video chat (view the full chat below):

The formal affair is complete with a full dinner and brings an air of nostalgia and humor as comedian Chris Thomas (the well known "mayor" of the BET Classic "Rap City") is the host of the event.

Not only are tickets available (for $30 per person - make sure to visit Eventbrite and type "Black Men Reign" for purchases), but there are sponsorship opportunities available, as part of the long-term impact of the event is to provide scholarship opportunities for graduating high school seniors. For details on sponsorship, Eucharist Entertainment CEO Sabrina Gields (email her at is the person to contact.

"It's about time for an event of this kind", adds Mobley of Mobley Marketing 19, as they are lending their presence and business acumen to support this event.

It's Father's Day and Juneteenth. In addition to celebrating these great days and occasions, the focus of Black Men Reign is to share to the world the immediate impact and presence of Black Men across multiple spaces and places.

It's about to reign this Sunday.


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