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Get amplified via the new release by Nichole Shirell

Amplify is a word that is used on a more regular basis. When it comes to ways to increase, augment, and simply make greater exposure and otherwise, there are clearly different things which all need to be more aware of.

The same goes for the February 16th (2021) release by Christian-based author and poet Nichole Shirell.

Her EP Amplification (click HERE to visit her website) is arguably her most ambitious work to date. With a thematic focus on spotlighting and calling for corrections of injustices still taking place in the immediate and interlocking community, it is a highly engaging and thought-provoking look at a myriad of social issues.

Thought the identification of areas of concern aligned with those outlined via Black Lives Matter and related adverse occurrences within the greater community, it is a creative call to action. The articulation of collective and unified voices who provide a clear, concise, and constant call to improve accountability and making changes in light of the status quo is just one of the underlying themes of the project. Through the power of healing, restoration, and love, there's a clear and consistent call for unity.

The first release from the EP, "No Voice", is one of a number of tracks which speak to these and related topics (click HERE to listen to the track).

Available on platforms including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and YouTube, it's one that readily speaks to different issues and speaks with listeners (click HERE to find out more).

Christian and contemporary. Identifying issues and calling for proactive and construction action instead of sitting on the sidelines. This is what the newest release by Nichole Shirell is all about.

And that calls for amplification.

Additional notes: to stay connected with the author (along with updates on this and related projects), you may add Nichole Shirell on Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. Likewise, you may visit her Amazon page (click HERE for information on this and other releases).


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