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Full circle part 2: signing, speaking, and sentiment

Anyone who is an author understands the importance of getting started.

It's that idea that pushes you to writing your next masterpiece. Even with a smooth ebb and flow or some starting and stopping, getting it done so you may connect with the readers who are anticipating your next work or signing is key, let alone connecting with readers who don't know you but in doing so, can lend support to your work to the best of their ability.

Even in our efforts to find that next bookstore, festival, book club, or event, it's still about one thing.

It's about connecting with people.

On the heels of my engagement with where it started (in Central Illinois) on June 18th and 19th (click HERE to read Full circle part 1 for more details), I am fortunate to have a similar set of experiences on June 25th-27th. On a rainy Saturday morning (June 25, 2022), the wonderful team of Bobzbay Books becomes the newest bookstore to not only carry all 3 of my (in-print) books, as well as hosting me for a book-signing.

To engage with readers across the board is one thing, but to speak with and listen to them is another.

I learned from college students, listened to those from the clergy to the cornfields (an owner of a farm), and saw familiar and friendly faces from a week to years ago come by. Those are images you don't forget.

That's part of why you write what you write and share what you share. In speaking with your audience, they listen. And when they speak with you and speak life into you, you take it all in, pause, and keep going, including making a stop to Mimi's Boutique (who ends up lending support as they become the next venue having my books available).

And on the 26th and 27th, that's exactly what I did.

Before embarking to the Windy City (Chicago), the email I caught 2 days prior parlays into the first of consecutive days of interviews with fellow media outlets.

Setting up shop on a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon, the sports media team of SportsLifeTalk takes time out of their day for a truly enriching and inspiring time, especially with their 3 closing questions under the theme of would you rather; I'll admit during this interview, if you pay real close attention, there are a few emotional (but in a good way) nerves that are struck. If eyes are the window to your soul, this is one of those (along with other interviews from both sides of the microphone and camera) times where it truly happens (you may watch the full interview below):

And then there's Chicago, still a favorite city for me.

When it comes to the creative and welcoming space which is Intellectual Radio, there's my time on Drive at 5 with Roman Morrow which makes it even more meaningful. During our 20 minute talk, it's more than just speaking on baseball and related sports topics via nothing Minor, let alone my other books. It's a self-check on life and society as a whole, and given it is primary season (as primary elections take place the very next day, June 28th), it provides an even more engrossing and enriching time for "iron to sharpen iron" (you may watch the full interview below):

Let me pause for a moment, catch my breath, and just take it all in.

A book signing. Two interviews. Time in one of my favorite cities. And time reconnecting with where it started in Central Illinois.

What an experience, and yet there's more to come.

Notes: All photos are captured by Andrew Snorton

The videos are the full interviews via SportsLifeTalk and Drive at 5 with Roman Morrow.

The top and middle row of the photo grid are snapshots from the book signing at Bobzbay Books. The bottom row includes photos with the owner of Mimi's Boutique (in Bloomington, IL) along with the interviews with SportsLifeTalk and Drive at 5 with Roman Morrow.


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