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Economic development town hall: S Gwinnett/Lilburn discussion hosted by Rep Carolyn Bourdeaux

On Thursday, March 3rd (2022), members of the Lilburn community gather at New Mercies Christian Church (located at 4000 Five Forks -Trickum Rd in Lilburn, GA) for a much needed and ongoing discussion. Hosted by Representative Carolyn Bourdeaux (GA-07) and attended by leadership working with CID's (Community Improvement Districts), the focus is to get an improved understanding of the status of economic and interrelated development in South Gwinnett (specifically, Lilburn). Thanks to the initial conversation from Reverend Jesse Curney (the pastor of New Mercies Christian Church), the 1.5 hour town hall gives those in attendance a sense of what is taking place, along with projected results given ongoing research and engagement.

Gwinnett County Commissioners Jasper Watkins, III (District 3 Commissioner) and Ben Ku (District 2 Commissioner) are among those present for the town hall. Mark Farmer (Gwinnett County Economic Development Manager), along with Gwinnett CID leaders Jim Brooks, Joe Allen, Tad Leithhead, Emory Morsberger, and Alyssa Davis are among those who present their research, findings, completed endeavors, and those which are still being evaluated to augment the larger economic growth desired in the Lilburn community, South Gwinnett community, and county as a whole.

Lawrence Williams, Jr, who plays an integral role with the church's community development and related initiatives, is also present. Likewise, Yoon-Mi Hampton (Lilburn City Council) is among public and local leadership in attendance.

Lilburn residents provide solid questions and feedback to the leadership related to infrastructure, the makeup of the partnerships beyond the business community (i.e. nonprofits, school system, and other demographics which can be impacted by the potential economic growth). A key issue raised for consideration is the larger training of a county audience which is already present (as it is projected the population of Gwinnett County should reach 1 million people within the next 3-5 years) to fill the potential jobs and related opportunities (and not necessarily have to look at external audiences).

Ranging from the CID leaders, county economic development office, and Congresswoman Bourdeaux, there are forthcoming engagement opportunities ranging from a jobs fair to the economic resource center to make inroads towards these and related ongoing areas of concern.

In better realizing economic and related constructive growth opportunities, there are possibilities and projections which can potentially lead to major improvements for the economic landscape. With continued engagement from core and key entities, seeing the bigger picture and planning ahead can create the desired "win-wins" for all involved.

It's another gradual step to strengthening the economic standing of the South Gwinnett/Lilburn community and more.

Notes: All video and photography recorded by Andrew Snorton.

Video (in order of appearance):

  1. Welcome from Congresswoman Carolyn Bourdeaux (GA-07).

  2. Remarks from Reverend Jesse Curney (Pastor of New Mercies Christian Church).

  3. Presentation from Jim Brooks (Evermore CID).

  4. Presentation from Tad Leithead (Lilburn CID).

  5. Presentation from Emory Morsberger (Gateway 5 CID).

  6. Q/A with Mark Farmer, Jim Brooks, and Congresswoman Bourdeaux.

  7. Recap with Jasper Watkins, III (District 3 Commissioner).

  8. Recap with Mark Farmer (Economic Development Manager for Gwinnett County/Economic Development).

  9. Recap with Ben Ku (District 2 Commissioner).

Photo grid (from left to right):

  1. Top row: Congresswoman Carolyn Bourdeaux and Gwinnett County Commissioner Jasper Watkins, III (District 3).

  2. Second row: Pastor Jesse Curney and Mark Farmer (Economic Development Manager for Gwinnett County/Economic Development).

  3. Third/middle row: Tad Leithead (Lilburn CID) and Jim Brooks (Evermore CID).

  4. Fourth row: Emory Morsberger (Gateway 5 CID) along with Jim Brooks and Mark Farmer fielding questions from the audience.

  5. Bottom row: Congresswoman Bourdeaux and Mark Farmer fielding questions from the audience, along with a snapshot of some of those in attendance.


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