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Departure: the creatively thought-provoking and inspiring work of Charly Palmer

On Friday, May 14th, we have the pleasure of having a conversation with artist Charly Palmer. Currently based in Atlanta, his rich body of dramatic, innovative, mind-sparking, and constructive dialogue catalyst-themed work is beyond captivating. Currently on exhibit at the Hammonds House Museum (click HERE to visit their website), the virtual launch takes place on April 30th; the in-person engagement opportunities are expected to take place around May 22nd of shortly thereafter (again, please visit the museum website for details).

During our 15 minute meeting of the minds, here are a few of the amazing takeaways (please make sure to watch the full video for details):

  1. A key moment which encourages him to tap into his creative spirit is inspired by the music and innovative work of the Beatles.

  2. His form of artistic storytelling is powerful, yet at times involves intricate subtle components which are truly thought-provoking and can serve as a catalyst for the constructive and thoughtful action needed in today's (or any day's) times.

  3. A children's book? Yet another example of creatives being creative.

  4. The pandemic is more of an opportunity for people (including himself) to pause and better position himself for his greater purpose.

Readers are encouraged to partake of the exhibit as it runs through August 1st.

Departure is the theme behind the more than 30 pieces from the author; on so many levels, ranging from departing from your residence to enjoy the exhibit to a constructive thematic departure, it's a call to partake.

This is the message and mission of the work of artist Charly Palmer (click HERE to visit his website).


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