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Boss up: the Atlanta Boss Biz Expo


It means different things to different people. On Saturday, September 18th (from 1-5pm) at the Studio House (75 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE in Atlanta), business owners, aspiring professionals in arts and entertainment, future entrepreneurs, and the larger community have the opportunity to do more than meet and greet. Combined with focused seminars/discussions, it's about sharing, exchanging, learning, and setting the stage for business partnerships, collaborations and more.

On the heels of her August series (click HERE for more information), Taylor Frucel (click HERE to visit her website) is creating a new spin on the standard event. There are vendors scheduled to showcase their good and services along with up-and-coming to established artists lending their musical talents.

But there's more to it.

The Women in Business panel provides an extraordinary way to learn from some truly outstanding women who are taking their entrepreneur-based skills and attributes to higher and growing levels, providing a solid point of reference from a woman's valuable insight and perspective. Likewise, the Moguls in Music panel brings together some key figures in the industry to provide some solid lessons and information for those in the field.

This is a ticketed event, as readers may visit Eventbrite and simply type in Atlanta Boss Biz Expo to make a purchase. General admission tickets are $5, and VIP guest tickets are $10, making it an accessible event (visit the 29 minute mark of the video by clicking HERE).

Being a boss goes beyond the standard workplace; it's about taking ownership of your work ethic, product, brand, and beyond. Saturday's event is a way to learn more and potentially do more given the lineup.

Make sure to boss up (on September 18th).

Additional notes (photos are courtesy of Taylor Frucel and Andrew Snorton):

  1. Make sure to be present and accounted for on September 18th! This is a ticketed event as they are available on Eventbrite (general admission tickets are $5 and VIP tickets are $10).

  2. The Women in Business panel has some truly solid people and presence across multiple fields. Make sure to connect with (starting clockwise/upper right hand corner) Shuna White, Kris Kinder, and Yina Bell as they share their entrepreneurship journeys and more.

  3. The Music Mogul panel includes (starting clockwise/upper left hand corner) special guest DL Collins, Bob Madoxx, Craig King, Roland Dixon, Philly Redface, and more.

  4. Taylor Frucel is all about building connections and making sure all get something positive and constructive from them. Check out the event!


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