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Authors rock: the Rockford Author's Unit connects authors and reader from Chicago and beyond

This coming Saturday, September 11th, from 1-4pm CST, it's time to pause, think, reflect, share, exchange, and lend support. And we aren't just speaking to what happened at the beginning of the century (2001).

We're talking about what is taking place in greater Chicago, both in-person and virtually.

Presented by Ladiworkz (click HERE to learn more) and hosted by Roman Morrow, the host of the Drive at 5 Radio Show (click HERE to learn more), Rockford, IL (730 N Church St) is the center of some thoughtful and engaging dialogue and more. With the presence of nearly 20 authors both in person and virtually, readers of all ages and levels, along with bookclubs, bookstores, and lovers of reading can connect.

The first half of the day is a roundtable with a solid range of participating authors not only Chicago-based, but virtually, from other parts of the country. Ranging from the subjects and themes covered in their books to future events, it's a good way to get inside the mind of an author and their work process along with what inspires them (and others).

The second half of the day is about additional engagement. For those who are attending in person, they may connect with the authors, and the same opportunity is available for authors and attendees to do so virtually (including purchasing in person and online to support all with their endeavors).

Readers are invited and encouraged to contact Ladiworkz at (email) or call 815-742-4752.

Or, simply enjoy the interview/discussion with a few authors, the organizer, and yours truly from this past Thursday and be present and accounted for (watch and connect with them) this Saturday!


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