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An author's August, September, and a few dates to remember

Mid-August to early September are active times for the author.

It's a combination of completing and releasing some new work, garnering media and related recognition, and forging ahead on some more good things on the horizon.

Let's start with the interviews.

Including (but not limited to) Voyage Atlanta (click HERE), Gifted Autonomy Radio (click HERE), Dope Enterprises (click HERE), Green Cupid via Genise Wright (click HERE), LinkedUp with Derek Ford (click HERE), and The Male Perspective with Lana Reid (click HERE), multiple media outlets are taking note of the author's growing presence. And there are more on the horizon, including his September 27th appearance on the Chicago-based Drive at 5 with Roman (click HERE).

Events? Given his appearances at DeKalb Art in the Park (hosted by the Georgia Spartans - click HERE for a video snippet) and the upcoming (September 11th from 1-4pm CST) Rockford Author's Unit (as he is a participating author) based in Rockford, IL (greater Chicago - click HERE), along with his full broadcast of The Conversation Corner (click HERE) via the Status Network/LyveTV channel.

And that's not all.

His nomination as Author of the Year by the Atlanta-based Black Only Awards (scheduled for November 27, 2021) simply provides additional recognition of his presence within the literary world. Likewise, his recently released audiobook, The Author's Mixtape, is the 5th edition of the "straight from the dome" freestyle music and spoken-word series (which since August 2019 drops each August and February). Kris10, who is introduced as a guest author on the February 2021 Volume 4 release "The Collab" takes center stage as the featured author on the newly released "forward thinking * believing * doing", as she adds two amazing tracks and takes the lead on one of the duets, building upon her already impressive presence and prowess, complimented by the author (as it along with all of the audiobooks are available on Tidal, Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, Itunes, Apple Music, Deezer, and other programs given their collaboration with 3rd Level Entertainment and Canis Major Digital).

With those moving parts taking place, it makes you wonder what's next for the author.

Clearly, with an active month and a slate of events coming in October, stay tuned and stay connected.

A few dates to remember in August and September, and that's not even considering him turning another page (i.e. his birthday) in August.

Go forward...

Notes (photos and video):

  1. Top row (left to right): Many thanks to Dope Enterprises (as Kris Kinder is a guest as well), Lena Reid (The Male Perspective), and LinkedUp with Derek Ford.

  2. Middle row (left to right): Time with co-author Kris Kinder (The Author's Mixtape - V5: forward thinking * believing * doing), nominations for Author of the Year (by the Black Only Awards), and the actual audiobook (available on your favorite platforms now).

  3. Bottom row (left to right): Many thanks to Green Cupid/Genise Wright, Voyage Atlanta, and the Rockford's Authors Unit.

  4. Videos: Enjoy the snippet from The Author's Mixtape along with the interview segment describing the recording and creative process.


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