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A talented and terrific tenth: the anniversary performance and gala by Styletainment

10 years.

On one hand, it can be a long amount of time. On the other hand, in the blink of an eye, it can go by a little quicker than what we anticipate.

Under the leadership of its visionary, Missouri, Styletainment celebrates their 10th anniversary on October 20th and 22nd (2022). Their first event (October 20th) takes place at the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center (in New Brunswick, NJ) with an energetic, creative, engaging, and powerful performance of A Cancer Survivor's Story (which is based on her journey of living with and beyond breast cancer).

If that in and of itself isn't inspiring, the gala certainly packs its own punch and provides the proverbial icing on the cake.

The black-tie gala (on October 22nd at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, NJ) operates under the theme of "royalty", and it's not just applicable to the guests and patrons lending support to the affair. The spotlight shines brightly and deservedly on 10 women who are not just breast cancer survivors, but advocates and examples of what can happen with a tremendous mix of faith, support, empowerment, and access to resources.

Josephine Roach, Donna Williams, Chrystal Shakir, Shanta Taylor, Shelia Johnson, Ta-Tanisha Duncan, Audrey Walker, Robin Hall, Tiashia Caldwell, and Akia Johnson aren't just the women who are survivors given their acknowledgement and "flowers" for their survival. With each of their testimonies, they also speak life into the audience and reinforce the notion and need of continued support for women (and men) living with this public health challenge.

As positive and powerful their stories are, an added "compliment" hammers home the point that all can do something.

During her remarks, Missouri, flanked by her leadership team of family and friends, reiterate the larger goal of the creation of the resource center "A Place Called Love". With an emphasis on proceeds and related efforts focused on establishing the resource space, the goal is within the next 2-3 years (with support from the public and private sector, along with individuals and collectives from the greater community) to have the safe space/center provide enhanced access to resources for women living with breast cancer as well as those who are homeless. Ranging from health and wellness to job-training, through the powerful and positive lens of the creative and performing arts, an even greater work can be done.

Positive. Encompassing. Speaking life.

That's truly a celebration with style.

This is Styletainment.

Notes: All photos and video are recorded by Andrew Snorton.

For the complete video playlist for this event, please visit our YouTube channel and visit the following (click HERE).

The slideshow (photos) are a compilation of snapshots of the honorees, silent auction, and related parts of the event.

For more details on how to lend support, visit Styletainment on their website (click HERE) and Instagram (click HERE).

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