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A midweek pause and community engagement: popsicles with the police in Austell

Be it formal or informal, establishing community relationships between government entities and the general community is key for constructive engagement. In making a consistent and concerted effort, it can set the stage for potentially positive outcomes.

In Austell, GA on Wednesday, April 5th (2023), the community is provided the opportunity to meet, greet, and connect with members of the Austell Police Department. Their free event, Popsicles with the Police, takes places from 1-3pm at Collar Park (located at 2645 Joe Jerkins Blvd), provides a relax setting for people to simply and effectively connect with each other.

The day involves games for and with youth and adults, interactive ways to learn more about their equipment and related items, and more, including a few special giveaways.

And of course, on a potentially warm spring afternoon, enjoying a cold popsicle or two to snack on.

In building on creative means of interaction, efforts along these lines can be potential "bridge-builders" for improved community action and interaction between law enforcement and the general public.

As early April arrives and spring is "springing", there's some relationship-building and connections to make.

Take advantage and enjoy a classic spring and summer snack (popsicles), encompassing the immediate and larger Austell community on April 5th.

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