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A calmer climate: Rep Johnson collaborates with multiple entities on climate and infrastructure

Teamwork makes the dream work. Collaboration, not competition.

These are catchphrases getting more traction and merit; when people come together for constructive means aligned with making our communities improved places to live, work, and play, everyone truly benefits.

On Thursday, April 13, 2023, we are among the media outlets covering an important press conference at the Doraville MARTA station. Representative Hank Johnson (GA-4th Congressional District), along with MARTA CEO/GM Collie Greenwood, MARTA Board Member Rita Scott, Doraville Mayor Joseph Geierman, Georgia Conservation Voters Policy Manger Doug Teper, Moms Clean Air Force Advocate (GA Chapter) Lily Zwann, and members of the Climate Action Campaign come together for an opportunity to meet with those in and from the immediate and surrounding area of the concerns impacting the Metro-Atlanta area and beyond.

Given growing concerns with the impact of climate change and related changes in infrastructure, the growing awareness and call for continued investment on the local, state, and federal levels ranging from improved and enhanced utilization of clean energy (electric vehicles), especially related to mass/public and personal transit, is a critical conversation and call for action. Given recent investments via the Inflation Reduction Act (as $5 billion in federal funding is allocated for nearly 180 infrastructure projects statewide, including transportation and clean water access) and another $180 million allocated for clean power generation and storage related projects statewide by 2030, there are steps and endeavors taking place to be aligned or "ahead of the curve".

All note the importance of the continued investment in projects of this kind. In his remarks, Doraville Mayor Geierman notes how the city has some of the highest level (and worst) air pollution in Metro-Atlanta (you may watch the video for his press conference remarks):

CEO/GM (of MARTA) Greenwood shares his thoughts on how this kind of investment can lead to positive changes in how we view and imagine mass/public transit (you may watch the video for his press conference remarks):

MARTA Board Member Rita Scott echoes these sentiments during the press conference, including the call for continued utilization of electric-based buses and means for public transit, especially the bus system (you may watch the video for her press conference remarks):

During the press conference, both Doug Teper (Georgia Conservation Voters Policy Manager) and Lily Zwann (Advocate for Moms Clean Air Force [despite the rain]) share their reflections and continued need for collaborative efforts and community engagement (you may view the videos below):

In fielding our question, Congressman Johnson calls on his colleagues to focus on more collaborative efforts for these and related community needs; in doing more working together, it can position more to addressing current and future needs from climate control, infrastructure, and inter-related needs (you may watch his response here):

With concerted, consistent, and community-centered efforts, efforts including (but not limited to this) can result in positive and impactful results.

Notes: All video and images are recorded by Andrew Snorton.

Photo-grid (in sequence): The top row (left to right) s a group photo of all speakers (from left to right: Doug Teper, Lily Zwann, Doraville Mayor Joseph Geirerman, MARTA CEO Collie Greenwood, Rep Johnson, and MARTA Board Member Rita Scott) along with MARTA CEO Greenwood. The second row (left to right) includes Rep Johnson and Doraville Mayor Geierman. The third row (left to right) features MARTA Board Member Scott. The bottom row (left to right) includes Advocate Zwann and Rep Johnson.

To view the complete video playlist (press conference and post-press conference remarks), you may click HERE to watch the entire playlist.

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