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A call to action in Kennesaw: the response

Yesterday, June 4, 2020, I provided an advance article (click HERE for the article) on the protest taking place in downtown Kennesaw (GA), across the street from Wildman's Dent Myers. On top of voicing concerns given the recent police brutality cases of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor (who would have celebrated her 27th birthday today), Drasjonn Reed, and others examples of racism and hate as exemplified in the case of Ahmaud Arbery, it is more than identifying entities which publicly perpetuate hatred under debatable pretenses.

It is a call to action.

During our time covering the event (the event lasts from 10am-7pm EST), it is a peaceful and assertive gathering of people across multiple lines: ethnic, gender, generational, faith, orientation, and more.

A combination of speakers, rally calls, a near 9-minute moment of silence (which is the time-frame Floyd pleads for officer Derek Chauvin to stop kneeling on his neck while face-down on the street, resulting in his affixation and death), and emphasis on political engagement is the message of the day. At least 400 people (likely more) come together during our coverage time, as the organizers stress the importance of voting.

Different segments of the immediate and interlocking community lend support. Trackside Grill is among the businesses handing out water to those marching. The Kennesaw Police Department and other citizens donated water, fruit, and other food items to attendees, and even those driving by honked their horns as a means to support their efforts.

As so aptly stated by one of the organizers, "If you want stuff like this to go away, you need to stay politically educated"; having a sample ballot helps with the voter information and education component emphasized, along with making sure the audience is registered to vote (click HERE to watch the video).

On top of the reminders of calls for peace (click HERE to view) and calls to eliminate hate (click HERE), it's about making things better for all.

Clearly, it's a step in the direction of problem-solving and addressing issues which as one of the attendees notes, is "tearing our country apart (click HERE for his commentary)".

They won't leave, so we won't either (the title of today's call to action).

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