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Stewardship and solace every 2nd and 4th Friday thanks to What, Kechia?

What a difference a month makes.

This time last month, I'm providing a recap of the playoff push of the Atlanta Gladiators (the ECHL affiliate of the NHL's Boston Bruins). With the onset of COVID-19 (to date, there are 420 confirmed cases in Georgia), the landscape in multiple arenas (i.e. business, education, arts and entertainment, and other fields) is clearly changing in more ways than one.

Even in the midst of changing times, there are some constants that are coming to the forefront. One such constant are opportunities to pause, reboot, and remain as grounded as possible to maintain one's poise and calm.

A community steward who is doing so (since February 14, 2020) is Kechia Hardeman. Through her podcast series (What Kechia?), it's about seeing faith, stewardship, and outreach in action compared to being sedentary and limited to the Sunday worship hour.

Airing every 2nd and 4th Friday at 6pm EST, she has an impressive lineup of guests ranging from members of the clergy to ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Their knowledge base, strategic action across multiple fields, passion, purpose, and overall realization of their faith provides all with a sense of comfort and confidence in their daily walk.

The next airing of her show is March 27, 2020 at 6pm. All are encouraged to not only tune in, but to catch up on her previous airings, as all shows are full of being positive, living with a purpose, and pursuit of their positive and empowering passions (click HERE for her podcasts).

For details on the wide range of stewardship and inter-related work of Ms. Hardeman, readers are encouraged to add her on Facebook (click HERE), subscribe to her YouTube channel (click HERE), and add her on Instagram (click HERE).

Even in trying times, there are constants still available to provide a sense of calm, comfort, and clarity.

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