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A comedic, yet sincere Canvas

A strong, coarse, and unbleached cloth made from cotton, flax, hemp, or a related yarn.

An oil painting.

To cover.

These are a few of the definitions (noun and verb) of canvas. And this coming Saturday, November 9th, at 3pm and 7pm at the Clayton County Performing Arts Theater (2630 Mount Zion Parkway in Jonesboro), a connected and related definition comes to light and light, thanks to the work of playwright DeMighty Queen (Quinn Bartlett), who is making her Atlanta debut.

Under the mantra of "A Carribean Fairy-Tale that actually happened...sort of" and under the direction of Anthony R. Page with a top-notch team (click HERE for actor, actress, and related info), Canvas truly embodies a number of the aforementioned definitions, yet builds on them in a deeper, meaningful dialogue to truly understand, relate, connect, and resolve.

Page, whose acclaimed work with #TheBlueSeries (March 2019), is about quality and meaningful productions, including work with newer writers and creatives (as he did with the series done earlier this year/this past spring). He notes in our interview, "It take a look at how people act out of distorted behavior. It includes past hurt or how people may have veered off their intended paths, as well as looking at these turning points and life shifts which place them where they are".

Digging deeper is not just the theme, but the multiple means and lenses in doing so truly are a deep and encompassing work. Taking on issues related to self-esteem, self-identity, and how one's processing of these and related instances can lead to poor and clouded decisions are just a few of the topics articulated with a seamless blend of humor and sincerity. Further immersions of these concepts along with exploration of cultural mores and norms, how humor (and other means) may be more of a means to cover up the pain instead of confronting it, and continued deconstruction in order to truly get to the "heart of the matter" is at the core of this engaging and engrossing production.

"Sometimes, good people can get in a clouded space and place, and still try to get out (of such spaces and places", Page adds.

Tickets are available for both shows via Eventbrite (click HERE to make your purchase).

Clearly, it's time to create a different kind of canvas.

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