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It's time to travel with Roxanne San Jose

A book truly opens doors. It's more than building up one's vocabulary and understanding; it is about opening up new doors and avenues of creativity and exploration.

In wearing the author hat (as I've written two books), it's always a pleasure to connect and engage fellow authors. Earlier this week, I am to travel across time (zones) and have a great conversation with Roxanne San Jose.

A native of the Philippines and a resident of the greater Las Vegas area, her author journey (which includes two published books) starts with her early interest and love for reading. In fact, she points to the Robert Langdon book series as one which truly sparks her interest to the point she "pivots" from being an avid reader to a growing writer and author.

In 2015, she self-publishes her first book, Annagram. The story centers on three competing countries whose battles for control of an island delves into themes on self-governance, self-definition, and others. In fact, it parallels a contemporary issue, which involves claims to control of the Spratly Islands. China, Taiwan, and Vietnam are the countries making claims based on historical elements; however, the Philippines, based on the agreement per UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which is ratified by said countries involved in the dispute), has claims to the territory as well.

Coming up with an engaging story is one thing, but learning and applying lessons from the overall writing process is another.

"There are some things I simply didn't know", San Jose acknowledges. "I really learned a lot more about the processes for editing, marketing, and understanding your market (audience), and you have to always keep learning as you continue (as an author)".

After her debut, she's back with her second release, a young adult science-fiction themed book, Time Travel.

Taking place in 2015, under the focus areas of love, dedication, and friendship, the lead character, Angelie Thompson, a time-machine investor, is faced with a daunting challenge. Her boyfriend, John Salvador, accidentally travels back to the year 1970. In her efforts to rescue him, her corresponding travel has her facing a number of twists, turns, characters, and challenges which lead to a series of earth and world-changing outcomes.

Her growth as an author has her scheduled to speak on July 8th at the upcoming Las Vegas Speakers' Club public speaker series. Likewise, with her current release available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords (and Annagram available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble), San Jose is a fast-rising figure in the literary field.

With growth comes learning, and a key lesson she shares centers on the importance of being passionate about what you do (be it writing or other areas).

"If this is your story, go for it. If it's in you, do it. Be passionate and purposeful with what you do", she emphasizes.

And based on her current and future work, she's leading by example.

Take a moment in time to travel with Roxanne San Jose.

Additional notes: To connect with the author, make sure to add her on Facebook (click HERE), Instagram (click HERE), Twitter (click HERE), Goodreads (click HERE), and her website (click HERE).

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